The Building Management System that is “Built for the Rest of Us”

Real-Time Building Monitoring

Offers a disaggregated view of building performance, empowering you with actionable information for energy savings and energy efficiency.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Helps you keep track of your energy usage and allows you to estimate and anticipate your upcoming utility bills. Easily compare historic data with real-time data, which in turn, enables you to have more accurate forecast.

Benchmarking and Measurement & Verification

Assists to evaluate and prioritize the implementation of new energy-efficient strategies and technologies.

Energy Optimization

Easily connect and control plugloads, lighting and HVAC systems for automated savings without causing tenant discomfort.

Preventative Maintenance

Eliminates costly repairs, replacements and business interruptions by constantly monitoring the health of the various systems, and sending alerts when certain systems are behaving erratically.

Quick Payback

Advanced wireles network bridging and cloud-based software reduces initial cost of investment providing quicker payback.

Intelligent Controls

Supports a variety mix of automated controls, including but not limited to: