Current Transformers


Jetlun sells different current transformers (CTs) in various window sizes and current ranges. All of the CTs that we sell feature safe, low-voltage outputs (not current output ratio CTs) for indoor use only in 50 or 60 Hz circuits up to 600 VAC. This type of CT contains a built-in burden resistor and is calibrated to output exactly 333.33 mVac when the CT’s rated full-scale current flows through the conductor in the CT's window opening. To select a CT, we recommend selecting the model you need based on the maximum load current you are measuring and the size of the conductor being monitored.


  • Safe with burden resistor built-in
  • Highly accurate
  • No exposed metal
  • UL recognized
  • Ordering Information

    Part No. Description
    A2-900890-00-01 16A Solid Core
    A2-900890-00-11 16A Split Core
    A2-900800-00-01 30/60A Split Core
    A2-900820-00-01 100A Split Core
    A2-900830-00-01 200A Split Core
    A2-900830-00-11 200A Split Core Bus Bar
    A2-900840-00-01 400A Split Core
    A2-900840-00-11 400A Split Core Bus Bar
    A2-900850-00-01 600A Split Core
    A2-900850-00-11 600A Split Core Bus Bar
    A2-900970-00-01 800A Split Core
    A2-900970-00-11 800A Split Core Bus Bar
    A2-900860-00-01 1000A Split Core
    A2-900860-00-11 1000A Split Core Bus Bar
    A2-900960-00-01 1200A Split Core
    A2-900960-00-11 1200A Split Core Bus Bar
    A2-900870-00-11 1600A Split Core
    A2-900870-00-21 1600A Split Core Bus Bar
    A2-900880-00-01 2000A Split Core
    A2-900880-00-11 2000A Split Core Bus Bar
    A2-900980-00-01 2500A Split Core
    A2-900980-00-11 2500A Split Core Bus Bar
    A2-900990-00-01 3000A Split Core
    A2-900990-00-11 3000A Split Core Bus Bar