Smart Meter Extension

First patented, transparent, smart meter extension solution to overcome wireless range issues.

Simple & Low-Cost

The Jetlun Advanced Extension Solution ("James") is a simple & low cost solution that instantly extends a wireless signal tenfolds. Using the existing wires to extend a wireless signal, James requires no costly data concentrators and does not alter the network provisioning and commissioning process.

Fully Interoperable

James is interoperable with any smart meter manufacturer and any third-device home are network (HAN) device manufacturers. It is a simple range extension solution so it can support any version of the Smart Energy Profile (SEP 1.x and above)—making it future-proof to new, emerging standards.

Enhanced Security

James patented, transparent, wireless extension solution enhances the security of a smart meter network. It does not decrypt and encrypt packets which would make the network vulnerable. Instead, James simply wraps each encrypted wireless packets with its own security layer—making it doubly secure.

Demand Response

Low Startup Costs

Cloud-based demand-side and demand response management means no upfront costs and faster return on investment.

Readily available hardware

A complete portfolio of plug-and-play hardware solutions eliminate time spent on interop-testing and allow faster time to market.

Supports dynamic pricing plans

Manage various types of dynamic pricing programs, including Time-of-Use (TOU), Critical Peak Pricing (CPP), Block Tariff, and combination pricing programs.

Engage Customers

Connect and interact with your customers easily through the web or a mobile device and empower them to take an active role in managing their energy.

Real-time Analytics

Insights into real-time load profile provide highly accurate forecasting and analytics of load-shed events, both before and after.

Shift Load

Enables demand response driven load shifting without dramatic interruption to the customer’s comfort that creates a win-win for you and your customer.