Simply. More. Intelligent.

Comprehensive, vertically integrated, IoT management platform giving you seamless control that you can’t get from stand-alone solutions.


One Gateway. One App. Simple.

Energy Management

Energy Management Solution that combines easy to use automation, location-based optimization, intelligent learning, and triggered automation.


Integrated automation solution that add intelligence to your home, giving you seamless control that you can’t get from stand-alone solutions.


A cost-effective security solution that gives you peace of mine by allowing you to monitor and protect your home from anywhere.

Water Management

Water Management Solution that increases awareness of water use to identify leaks, and improve water efficiency.


Integrated health management system for independent living that provides safety, security, and comfort.


Push communications and advertisement to users.

Sense & Monitor

See what's happened or happening at home from anywhere.

Automated Controls

Intelligent controls to help you save money without intervention.


Easily customize settings to fit your personal needs and lifestyle.


Unified Experience

Our vertically integrated platform provides a unified experience that you can’t get from stand-alone solutions.

Intelligent Living

Smart learning that provides personalized recommendations to achieve your home’s optimal energy performance.

Peace of Mind

Provides a peace of mind knowing your home and family is protected while automatically saving you money.

Infinite Possibilities

Flexible to allow you to personalize settings and customize your idea of smart home.

Open and Scalable

Built with latest standard-based technologies so JIM can be compatible with third-party devices.

Improved Quality of Life

Instead of figuring out how to automate your home, intelligent learning will allow you to enjoy life and focus on what's important.