Broadband Network

As a dedicated, non-shared, hybrid-wireless system that can deliver blazing speeds of up to 500 Mbps per room, Jetlun can meet any hotel’s growing broadband demands.

In-Room Automation

Jetlun interconnects in-room automation together onto a single platform. It enriches guest experiences through a hotel-branded mobile app for guests to easily automate room functions.

Energy Saving

Jetlun provides a comprehensive energy management system (EMS) that can help reduce energy cost through advanced lighting, HVAC control, and plug load control.

Guest Engagement

Jetlun enables you to connect and interact with your guests easily through the web or a mobile device and empower them to take an active role in managing their energy and carbon footprint during their stay.

Marketing Communications

Jetlun provides two-way communications platform between hotel operators and guests. Notify guests in real-time by sending a message directly to the guests’ smartphone.

Workforce Optimization

Jetlun helps optimize workforce productivity through features such as providing alerts to housekeeping when room is unoccupied.