Lighting Control

The Jetlun IoT Management ("JIM") Platform provides a comprehensive automated lighting control solution. Automated lighting control can not only save energy and convenience, but also function as security measures by acting as a theft deterrent

The JIM Platform can retrofit existing lighting and instantly add smarts for remote control and automation without having to replace fixtures and light switches. As a non-invasive lighting control solution, the JIM Platform adds intelligence to the existing infrastructure without interfering with your interior décor. Alternatively, the JIM Platform can also integrate with new smart led lighting solutions from third parties such as Philips Hue for further enhanced lighting control.

Easy policy configurations within the JIM Platform enable advanced automation strategies to help optimize lighting control. Lighting control strategies include:

  • Schedule-based control that turns on/off based on time
  • Occupancy-based control that turns on/off based on occupancy
  • Daylight harvesting control that turns on/off based on ambient lighting
  • Security-based control that turns on/off based on door/window status
  • Device-based control that turns on/off based on a device status
  • Location-based control that changes setpoints or turns on/off based on a users geo-location