Power Metering

At the heart of the Jetlun IoT Management (“JIM”) Platform is a wireless power metering, monitoring and storage system. The JIM Platform provides highly accurate, real-time data logging of every phase, every circuit breaker and every individual load–all without running any wires and down to minute intervals. The system is capable of providing unprecedented insight into your facility’s energy use and generation of any renewable installed.

Data logging of your energy use can help you save energy by using the data to control and automate loads within your facility. Beyond helping you understand your facility’s energy profile, the power metering solution within the JIM Platform aids in preventative maintenance and in turn, aid in lowering operational costs long term.

As a hosted cloud-based system, the JIM Platform delivers a low cost solution by doing away with expensive and complicated servers. The JIM Platform provides instant remote monitoring capabilities meaning data can be access on any web-enabled device.