Energy Manager

ZigBee-HomePlug to IP Hub.


Latest Generation IP Hub.

Panel Meter

Three-Phase CT-Clamp Meter.

Circuit Meter

Single-Phase CT-Clamp Meter.

Current Transformers

Highly Accurate Split Core CTs.

Pulse Counter

ZigBee Pulse Counter.

Analog Sensor

ZigBee Analog Converter.

Appliance Module Plus

Load Control Switch.

Relay Module

General Purpose Relay.

Relay Module

General Purpose Relay.

Light Dimmer

Dimming Incandescent Lighting.

IR Sensor

Universal IR Air Conditioner Controller.


Smart Communicating Thermostat.

Relay Controller

General Purpose Multi-Relay.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temperature & Humidity Sensing.

Lux Sensor

Illuminance Sensing.

Reed Switch

Magnetic Switch Sensing.

Analog Sensor

ZigBee Analog Converter.

Desk Sensor

Desk Sensing.

In-Home Display

Full Color Touchscreen Display.

ZB Extender

ZigBee Repeater.

ZB-HP Access Point

ZigBee-HomePlug Repeater.

HomePlug Controller

HomePlug Data Concentrator.

HomePlug Coax Adapter

HomePlug Coax Converter.

HomePlug Ethernet Adapter

HomePlug Ethernet Adapter.

Meter Bridge

Smart Meter ZB-HP Extender.

ZB-HP Extender

ZigBee Extender.

HomePlug GreenPhy Modules

Smart integration of Powerline communication.